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 Season 1 Press Release: BigFoot and ZOWIE sponsor SGL Season 1

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PostSubject: Season 1 Press Release: BigFoot and ZOWIE sponsor SGL Season 1   Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:38 pm

Read the Official Press Release HERE

The Starcraft Gaming League announced today that it finalized negotiations for its first season of competitive play with Bigfoot Networks, a leading hardware and software company dedicated to designing products for maximizing network performance for online games, and ZOWIE GEAR, a competitive gaming gear company. Bigfoot Networks pledged cash and a Killer™ 2100 product respectively, while ZOWIE GEAR pledged to provide SGL’s Season Champions with four ZOWIE HAMMER headsets, SGL’s second place team with four ZOWIE G-TF mouse pads, and SGL’s third place team with four ZOWIE P-RF mousepads.

Bigfoot Networks gained popularity with their Killer NIC Gaming Network cards that have been featured in product reviews from IGN.com, Got Frag Gaming Hardware, and PC Gamer Magazine. When referencing Bigfoot’s Killer NIC, 2100 model, BSCReview.com wrote, “If you’re in the market for a gaming rig, DO NOT ignore the NIC. It could make the difference between pwning and being pwned.”

"Competitive online gaming is exploding in popularity," said Scott Taylor, Director of Marketing for Bigfoot Networks, "and we're excited to be a big part of this explosion not only from our support of tournaments like this, but also by providing the technology that gives thousands of online gamers around the world the competitive edge."

Zowie Gear’s business was founded on the principle of developing the best competitive gaming gear available. Zowie Gear products include gaming mice, mouse skates, pads, headsets and a newly unveiled professional LED Gaming Monitor made in collaboration with BenQ.

"The eSports scene is always growing; new games bring new opportunities and ideas" said James Banks, from the Marketing Department of ZOWIE GEAR, "ZOWIE is delighted to sponsor the Starcraft Gaming League who have been looking for the best gaming gear provider to support their league. With this in mind, they looked no further than ZOWIE GEAR, known as the company that redefines and optimizes competitive gaming gear."

For more information about each of The Starcraft Gaming League's Season I sponsors, please visit www.sgleague.forumotion.com or http://www.sgleague.co.nr and click the “Sponsors” link under the SGL General Navigation bar.
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Season 1 Press Release: BigFoot and ZOWIE sponsor SGL Season 1
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