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1. TT1  FnaticMSI 11-3
2. Stalife myRevenge 11-4
3. Drewbie ROOT Gaming 8-4
4. lamp CNB e-Sports Club 8-5
5. StrifeCro Evil Geniuses
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Sat Mar 12, 2011 9:48 am by SGL]GnR

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SGLeague.net and Teams Announced!
Sun Dec 12, 2010 10:42 pm by SGL]GnR

Hey guys! I'm coming to you with news about the Season 2 Qualifiers. The teams HAVE been selected and you can now find ALL information on season two on our brand new website, www.sgleague.net. We now have a replay database and it is much prettier than the forumotion we have now! The teams have been announced and you can find all the information there!

An update on the grand finals, both teams havent scheduled yet and it WILL be played sometime this week so stay tuned to find out! Until then, hit up www.sgleague.net and check out the new site!

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SGL Grand Finals
Tue Dec 07, 2010 11:17 pm by SGL]GnR

FnaticMSI vs. ROOT Gaming
Grand Final Matchup

Time of Clan War: Unscheduled

Administator(s) Present:

ROOT Statement:

Fnatic Statement:

ROOT Lineup:

Fnatic Lineup:

ROOT Gaming vs. FnaticMSI

xXxXx [0-0] xXxXx - Steppes of War

ROOT [0-0] Fnatic



inFlow Gaming vs. CNB eSports Club
3rd Place Matchup

Time of Clan War: Unscheduled

Administator(s) Present:

inFlow Statement:

CNB Statement:

inFlow Lineup:

CNB Lineup:

inFlow Gaming vs. CNB eSports Club

xXxXx [0-0] xXxXx - Steppes of War

inFlow [0-0] CNB


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Weekly Featured Products #4
Mon Dec 06, 2010 1:56 am by SGL]Noble

As part of The Starcraft Gaming League's partnership with our AMAZING sponsors, we will present one of their products (or services) every week that will help bring your game to the next level! Please be sure to check them out!

Bigfoot Networks' VisionTek Killer™ HD 5770 Card - combines exceptional graphics and maximum networking performance for all your favorite online games. It combines AMD’s Radeon™ HD 5770 with DirectX® 11 Technology for the most immersive graphics and Bigfoot Networks’ Killer™ E2100 platform for the fastest possible game networking, all in one card, for the ultimate online gaming upgrade.

Game Networking DNA™ - Bigfoot Networks Killer™ E2100 platform has exclusive Game Networking DNA™ technology designed to maximize online gaming performance. Game Networking DNA™ combines the benefits of a dedicated network processor (NPU), Advanced Game Detect™, Windows network stack bypass, Visual Bandwidth Control™ and other technologies designed to deliver the best online gaming experience possible.

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Semi-Final Controversy, and Qualifiers/Grand Finals!
Sun Dec 05, 2010 7:26 pm by SGL]GnR

Hello SGL followers! I am here to shed some light on the current situation at hand dealing with the semi-final match of ROOT Gaming vs. inFlow Gaming. For those of you who aren't aware of the matter, ROOT and inFlow played Saturday night at 10 PM EST for their semi-final match of the Starcraft Gaming League. The clan war went to inFlow up 3-2 with Qxc being ROOT's last player. At this time, Qxc was playing in a bo5 series for another tournament and couldn't attend the clan war that instant. inFlow agreed to wait 10 minutes(which ended up being about 20) for Qxc to finish his tournament but that wasn't enough time. Then TadH, the head manager of inFlow, made the decision to wait no longer and take the free win. This is a rule written in the SGL rulebook saying you can wait a total of 10 minutes for the next series and if the team isn't prepared, you have the right to a free win. This action ended the clan war at 2-4 with inFlow winning. Here is where the errors come in:

I, SGL]GnR, am responsible for making the weekly posts and the process of the league. I should also add that I am Head Administrator and oversee EVERYTHING that goes on in the SGL. For the playoffs, I unfortunately failed to mention that the 'Joker Cards and Sub Cards' would not be used in the playoffs. This is obviously an utterly unacceptable error made on my behalf and there are no excuses I can make that can change my actions. I am fully aware, that because of my mistake, this entire fiasco has happened and I am sincerely sorry for any stress or discomfort I have caused the teams. With this being the first season of SGL and my first season as a Head Admin, there are mistakes made and we will live and learn from our experiences. I can truly say that this entire season I have tried my very hardest to make this the most fun and competitive SC2 league offered. I know that I made a huge mistake and I hope everyone is willing to look past this and move on with me to make the SGL the very best league it can be. I can ensure you, next season will run much better with one season under our belt and experience for all the administrators. Again, I'm very sorry and ashamed for this mistake that I have made and there's no excuse for it, I'm just trying my best to recover the damage that I have done. Now here's the solution the SGL has found:

Everyone at the SGL has taken this matter seriously, we tried to make the call that would be fair. After speaking with ROOT.Catz and ROOT.SunDevil(newest ROOT manager), we have decided to force a reschedule with inFlow. After speaking with TadH he happily agreed that this was the right decision to be made and was excited to finish his clan war with ROOT. The series will leave off with inFlow.Looky against Qxc and the battle report will be updated. The winner of this clan war will move on to face FnaticMSI to crown the SGL Champion, and the loser will move on to fight CNB eSports Club for the 3rd place prize. We believe this to be the right thing to do for the situation and we hope we can bring peace to the teams. Stay tuned to find out when the two teams will finish the war.

To conclude, I again personally apologize for my mistake I understand it was a terrible error and I can be positive that it will NEVER happen again. I hope this entire event hasn't scarred anyone's opinion of the SGL as a whole. We are all only humans, working for free to bring everyone a great opportunity. Everyone on the staff has a love for eSports and wants to give back to the SC2 community. We hope everyone can have love for the SGL and support us for our seasons to come. Best of luck to the teams left in the league.

Now that we have addressed the issue at hand, I have an update for the qualifiers! We will be extending the application period until Tuesday December 7th at 23:59 EST. The foreign teams that will be playing in the SGl are getting everything prepared for their NA accounts. If you still want to apply, you can find our application here.

Now for the SGL Grand finals! FnaticMSI has already secured their spot in the final defeating CNB eSports Club 4-0! CNB will fight this week vs the loser of ROOT and inFlow for the third place spot! Take note, these four teams will all have a spot in the next season and wont have to go through any of the qualifiers! Both of these times will be assigned so we will let you know ASAP about what's happening with the finals.

Starting map: Steppes of War
Grand Final: FnaticMSI vs. ROOT Gaming -- Unscheduled
3rd Place: inFlow Gaming vs. CNB eSports Club -- Unscheduled

I would like to thank this seasons sponsors, BigFoot Networks, ZOWIEGEAR, and ItsGosu.com for making our success possible. Here is a quick reminder of the prizes you guys are fighting for!

1st Place: $200 dollars and four ZOWIE HAMMER Headsets.
2nd Place: Four ZOWIE G-TF Mouse Pads.
3rd Place: Four ZOWIE P-RF Mouse Pads.

Sorry for the long post too much to address! Good luck to the teams this week and look for an update around Wednesday!

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SGL Semi-Finals
Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:58 pm by SGL]GnR

FnaticMSI vs. CNB eSports Club

Time of Clan War: Friday at 8:00 PM EST

Administator(s) Present: SGL]Kelstar, SGL]Felix

Fnatic Statement:
We had a really fun match vs CNB last time, barely winning it 4-3... and CNB is coming off an impressive win vs EG. I'm sure they prepared quite a bit for this match so it should be a good one. Hopefully we will be able to come out with a victory and make it to the finals. I think we're favored, but with these types of matches, you never know what can happen. Here's to hoping for another Gretorp all-kill!

CNB Statement:
We're excited to play versus Fnatic tonight. They have the strongest team on this league. We are confident that we can win tonight, but the odds aren't favorable. Good luck to Fnatic, have fun. Wish to see good games here.

Fnatic Lineup:
KawaiiRice <-- Starter

CNB Lineup:

FnaticMSI vs. CNB eSports Club

KawaiiRice [1-0] Ikki - Metalopolis
KawaiiRice [2-0] Lombrastic - Xel'Naga Caverns
KawaiiRice [3-0] Lamp - Lost Temple
KawaiiRice [4-0] Levin - Blistering Sands

FnaticMSI [4-0] CNB eSports Club

-This war will be streamed by GosuTV! You can find their stream here!
-Congratulations to Fnatic for moving on to the grand finals!

ROOT Gaming vs. inFlow Gaming

Time of Clan War: 10:00 PM EST Saturday

Administator(s) Present: SGL]Fade

ROOT Statement:

inFlow Statement:

ROOT Lineup:

inFlow Lineup:

ROOT Gaming vs. inFlow Gaming

Drewbie [1-0] MiniGun - Metalopolis
Drewbie [1-1] Spades - Xel'Naga Caverns
Sheth [1-2] Spades - Metalopolis
Catz [1-2] Spades - Blistering Sands
Catz [2-3] Looky - Scrap Station
Qxc [3-3] Looky - Lost Temple
Terran Qxc [4-3] Protoss Minigun - Jungle Basin

ROOT [4-3] inFlow

-Information about this matter will be released Sunday night
-This war will be continued Sunday at 10:30 PM EST
-Wolf will stream this war! Find his stream here: http://livestream.com/thepassingshadow

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SGL Season 1 Playoffs Week Two!
Sun Nov 28, 2010 9:00 pm by SGL]GnR

Hello again! Playoffs week one went very smoothly with everyone completing their matches with no problems at all. Well played to both inFlow and CNB on winning their matches and thanks to EG and NOVA on playing in season one both of you played remarkably well all season long! EG and NOVA receive the top 2 seeds in the upcoming Season 2 Qualifiers! Here is the current state of the playoffs:

This weeks matches are:
FnaticMSI vs. CNB eSports Club -- Scheduled for Friday at 20:00 EST
ROOT Gaming vs. inFlow Gaming -- Unscheduled
Starting Map: Metalopolis

And dont forget! There's still one week to send in your team's application for season two! Applications will close next Sunday and if you would like to participate in SGL Season two, you can fill out this application here and send it to SGLeague@live.com. We have already received a lot of applications and we hope to get YOURS!

Good luck to teams this week!

Comments: 2
SGL Standings
Fnatic 16.0
ROOT 13.0
CNB 0.0
Inflow -1.0
N -21.0


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